Like the rain

Foule Théâtre

Young audience theater from 8 years old

« By the end you have a furious craving to grab a crayon, a sheet of paper and let your imagination run wild. »

[Catherine Makereel – Le Soir]

The performance


When I was 8, 9 years – I was a child -, I loved to draw.  Especially when I was bored.  I drew all the time.  One day, a Sunday, one of my aunts was leaning over my shoulder while I was drawing.  She told me: “Wow, you have a nice pencil shot!”. I did not really understand what she meant, but I felt it was a compliment. And I gave her my drawing…”

Incredible drawings done by men and women in caves 25,000 years ago… What would we like to leave for man to discover 25 or 30,000 years?

I think I’d leave a few of my photos, or drawings, maybe a poem. Yes, I’d leave stuff like that, useless stuff… like the rain.



Text Philippe Léonard and Pierre Richards
Direction Pierre Richards
Cast Philippe Léonard
Scenography and costumes Catherine Somers
Music Philippe Morino and Juliette Richards
Light Luc Jouniaux
Stage manager Luc Jouniaux or Karl Autrique or Guy Carbonnelle
Video and photos Arnaud Van hammée

Foule Théâtre

With the help of La Roseraie and Théâtre La montagne magique.
Thank you to the Compagnie Maritime.
With the support of the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles and the Wallonie Bruxelles international (WBI)


The press

He’s there in front of us painting and, casually, between a couple of phrases, a couple of pieces of music, a short pause, a whole universe emerges on the ‘blank’ canvas. Impressive. The show is a gift because young and old alike are contaminated by the impassioned man for his own passion.

S. Colasse – Le Ligueur

‘Like the Rain’ is an ode to freedom, a tribute to the delights of creation. With no big fuss, Philippe Léonard simply indulges himself in the pleasure he obtains from drawing. “Draw as if you were dancing, as if you were planning a journey” is the way the show puts it.  By the end you have a furious craving to grab a crayon, a sheet of paper and let your imagination run wild.

C. Makereel – Le Soir

Somewhere between show and performance, Philippe Léonard delivers his show by fragments. Lured by the fresco he’s busy finishing, erasing, modifying, a captive audience becomes fascinated. A really beautiful show, hypnotic, a tribute to art where the actor reveals the best of himself.

L.Bertels – La Libre Belgique

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Calendar 2022-2023




Sun 25th September 2022
La Roseraie, Bruxelles (B)






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